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Above photos by: Dana Tilton Photography, danatiltonphotography.com

I’m a born and raised Florida native currently residing in Iowa. While I miss those sandy Florida beaches, there’s something to be said about beautiful rolling hills and the amazing mid-western sky as the sun sets over beautiful open fields. I am most “me” in those moments sitting on our deck, looking over the fields of corn in our back yard and watching the fireflies glow.

I met my husband, Nick, in 2007. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I’ll tell you what, when I first saw him, there may as well have been fireworks. I knew he was so special. After doing long distance for two years, he moved to Florida to be with me. We both graduated college and married in 2013. Shortly after, we packed up our condo that was 10 minutes from Jacksonville Beach and made the cross country move to Davenport.

In 2015, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Aria. This girl radiates joy and has a heart that is so full of love, sometimes I think it is going to spill over the top of her. When she was 11 months old, I bought my first camera, determined that I was going to take her one year photos. I read blogs, watched videos, and taught myself to shoot on manual. As I adorned my walls with the moments I captured on my camera, I realized I wanted to do this for other people too. To this day, there is nothing that brightens my day more than to see my art hanging in the homes of my clients.

In 2017, we welcomed a son, our sweet Landon. He is the perfect addition to our family and has completely rocked our world. He is equally as sweet as he is naughty and oh-so-dangerous. But, boy, is he a lovebug. In his world, the sun rises and sets with his mama and I will soak every single minute of it up until he decides I’m not cool anymore.

Our newest babe, Saylah, was born in July of 2020. I like to call her our bonus baby because she is everything we never knew we always needed. She brings so much love and joy to our lives and is the sweetest little cuddlebug. Her big brother and sister adore her, and it is so hard to remember life without her in it. 

My photography journey has been an amazing adventure. I started this as a hobby in 2016 and launched my business in 2017. My goal is to capture real and raw moments. While posed photos have their place, lifestyle moments and real reactions are my jam. I strive for my images to be rich in color and timeless in nature so that you will love your pictures just as much tomorrow as you do today.

Thank you for joining me in my creative space and for taking the time to read my story. I would be so honored if you’d let me tell yours.

Thank you!

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